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Disadvantages of Using Facebook

Facebook is currently the largest social network – boasting of more than 2 billion users. But it has its fair share of controversies and disadvantages. The following are 5 reasons you should stop using Facebook.

Internet Usage Tracking

The price of using Facebook’s free services is internet activity tracking. It sells the data it collects to advertising firms. It not only tracks your Facebook activities, but also tracks you when you are not using the site. That is a gross invasion of privacy.

Fake News

Over the recent past, Facebook has tried to become a news outlet. However, it does not abide by the basic principles of news delivery such as reliability and trustworthiness. As such, it has allowed the prosperity of fake news. Such laxity is the source of the accusation of deliberately influencing the last US presidential elections. Therefore, if you are on social media for news, you should quit Facebook and find more reliable news platforms.

Private Messages are not Entirely Private

Facebook has traditionally used public content to target ads. But, Zuckerberg recently explained the company is taking a different approach with Messenger and WhatsApp. In private conversations, you may share information that provides useful insights for Facebook and its network of advertisers.

It Encourages Procrastination

If you are prone to procrastinating important tasks, then you should quit Facebook. You often find yourself scrolling through your feed and clicking on funny videos. Many of us try to time our Facebook usage, but we all have our weak moments. You can avoid the situation entirely by deactivating your account.

It Encourages You to Post Private Information

On Facebook, it is very easy to post information that can be used to identify you and compromise your personal and financial security. For instance, you might post your vacation plans, thereby alerting thieves when and for how long you will be out of town.

Facebook with its many advantages still has its own shortcomings. The social media network creates as a platform to spread fake news leading to the suffering of others. In addition, Facebook encourages sharing of private information which may be harmful in the future. Furthermore, the network may bring about addiction to people who end up wasting a lot of time. The main issue with Facebook is privacy. Therefore, if you care about it, quit this social network.