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Laptop Crashed? Run This Utility Immediately.

When your laptop crashed without warning, two possible scenarios can occur. First, your device can be recovered and restarted, but you can lose all unsaved data. There is also no guarantee that the crash will not happen again, so you are always in danger of losing data. Second, your laptop will never recover from the crash, and there is a good chance that all data in your hard drive will be lost forever.

Therefore, when you see an issue with your device, it is good to fix it quickly.

Run the CHKDSK Utility

If your machine is running on Windows, then you can use the CHKDSK utility after the laptop recovered from the crash. This utility will check your hard drives for errors. You can get a diagnosis from this utility, and it can also fix errors.

To run the CHKDSK utility, you can open the My Computer folder in your desktop. Right click on your system drive, usually drive C and click Properties which is located at the bottom of the drop-down menu. The check disk utility can be found at the Tools tab in the Properties dialogue box.

This tool will fix errors in your system drive that could be causing the crash. However, you have to take note that hardware problems cannot be detected by the CHKDSK utility.

Bring Your Laptop to a Service Center

If your laptop failed to recover or if the problem persists after performing a disk check, the only logical option is to bring your machine to a service centre. For fatal crashes, a data recovery service can significantly help you. Data stored in your drives can still be rescued by a competent data recovery service.

If you want to rescue the laptop, you can bring it to authorised service centres. Your machine could have hardware problems like a faulty hard drive or bad RAM which could cause frequent or fatal crashing.